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A Complete Engineering Services Company for Aquaculture
Holder Timmons Engineering

Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C.
Spartan has gathered some basic information on ozone.  Included are discussions about how ozone generators makes ozone, ozone safety, chemical oxidation reactions with ozone, how ozone acts as a disinfectant and a listing of various applications for ozone such as drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Water Management Technologies
Water Management Technologies, Inc. carries a full line of equipment to satisfy a variety of water quality concerns. Whether you are installing a new system or upgrading an old one our team of specialists will provide solutions that work. 

Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC
(AST) was founded by Douglas Drennan, in October 1995, as a direct result of the acquisition of Armant Aquaculture, Inc. (AAI). AST acquired from AAI certain assets including, but not limited to, the exclusive manufacturing, marketing and sales rights for "Propeller-Washed Bead Filters" and similar non-exclusive rights for the "Bubble-Washed Bead Filters". Both filter configurations are patented, and AST has an exclusive licensing arrangement with the patent holder. Shortly after completing the acquisition, Douglas set about refining the complete line of propeller-washed bead filters which his new company would offer, doubling the number of filter models available from three units (PBF-8, PBF-20 and PBF-30) to six units (PBF-3, PBF-5, PBF-10, PBF-25, PBF-50 and PBF-100) and improving the design by increasing pressure tolerances from 15 psi to 20 psi on all of the fiberglass units, installing FRP coupling in place of bulkhead fitting for the inlet/sludge outlet on the side of the filters and using mechanical seals in place of packing on the filter head where the shaft penetrates the filter hull.


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